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Your Contributions Matter

The Multnomah County Democratic Party’s annual Celsi Celebration is THE way to support the State’s most active and influential County Party!

A whopping 29 state legislators (11 Senators and 18 House Reps) have turf in Multnomah County, so it is critical that we have the resources to help support our current Democratic legislators and candidates. Currently, only 1 Senate & 1 House seat of those 29 are in the grips of the GOP (SD 26 and HD 52, both spanning Mt. Hood). In 2018, we want to restore those seats to Democratic hands!

In 2016, Multnomah Democrats helped retain the open House District 51 seat, in a race many thought would go to the GOP candidate. Democratic Representative Janelle Bynum now serves the people of outer SE Portland and Happy Valley!

Additionally, a high turnout in Multnomah County is THE barometer for Democratic success in the rest of the state. Statewide candidates in close races look to the the election totals coming out of Multnomah County hours after the polls close and usually find that the MultCo electorate has put them over the top.

The Multnomah County Democratic Party is very active in local races. In the 2017 special election cycle, we recruited candidates, provided resources and training, and were on hand to help Democrats beat GOP rivals, and we succeeded!


  • Provide seed money to targeted legislative races, helping our candidates get started right out of the Primary gate;
  • Direct campaign volunteers to those targeted races;
  • Sponsor candidate forums and events;
  • Network with ally organizations to recruit and support local and legislative Democratic candidates;
  • Expand our Great Slate Card Drop Program which, since its inception, has distributed almost half a million slate cards in support of Democratic candidates and ballot measures; and
  • Expand our in-District engagement efforts to recruit new volunteers and voters.

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