In 2016, District 43 here in Portland elected Tawna Sanchez as only the second known Native American state-legislator since Oregon was admitted to the Union. Indigenous Peoples are under-represented in public office and over-represented in many areas where MultDems are seeking to improve the quality of life for all community members. For example, Native children are over-represented in the foster care system at more than 2.6 times the expected level. Native youth commit suicide at a rate that is 2.5 times the national average.

But help is not provided with equity.

“Despite Native Americans accounting for nearly 2% (5.4 million) of the U.S. population, philanthropic funding for the population remains less than 0.5% of annual foundation grant dollars across the board. The majority of philanthropic efforts to improve people’s lives overlook the distinctive needs and issues facing Communities of Indigenous Peoples. We all need to be doing more.” Said Logan Lynn, PTM Foundation Director.

Nine federally-recognized tribal nations are situated within the borders of Oregon. Known as the ninth-largest community of Indigenous Peoples in the United States, Portland residents represent 380 tribal nations at last count.

MultDems are driven to work with all of our communities to improve our collective quality of life, and we are proud to join forces with PTM Foundation. At the 2020 Celsi Celebration, PTM Foundation will announce new initiatives to engage Native communities and help amplify Native voices.

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Among the attendees and presenters are Governor Barbara Roberts, Portugal. The Man, Jillene Joseph, Representatives Earl Blumenauer & Susan Bonamici, and Senator Jeff Merkley.


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