San Juan Apartment Stay

The winners of this auction will stay for up to eight days in a spacious three-bedroom San Juan condominium along with its single occupant, a solid supporter of Democratic candidates who will be happy to host you and show you the sights when he’s not at work. The apartment is located in a residential high-rise district of the Hato Rey neighborhood.

  • 24-hour security and gated access
  • Swimming pool
  • Convenient to the San Juan airport
  • Ten minutes by car from the beach
  • Fifteen minutes from Old San Juan
  • Ten minutes from Santurce (“the Brooklyn of San Juan”)
  • Near the main east/west highway that parallels the Atlantic coast

The apartment can comfortably sleep three guests: two in the guest room and one on a pull-out sofa in the den. Guests will have their own full bathroom. There’s a large living/dining area, a balcony, and a comfortable galley-style kitchen.

If you’re wondering about whether the island has recovered from Hurricane Maria, you shouldn’t be concerned. The streets and beaches have been cleared, the electricity and water are on, and restaurants, bars, and parks are open. There is, of course, an ongoing recovery effort aimed at remediating the more deep-seated damage caused by the storm and the island’s economic woes. You will contribute to that effort merely by coming and supporting local Puerto Rican businesses. For people who want to do more, your host can help put you in touch with organizations that are doing good work in the area and are in need of volunteers.

Since Hurricane Maria, travel writers from the New York Times, National Geographic, Conde Nast Traveler, and various food and drink publications have given the island a lot of attention. This is the place that birthed both Hamilton and Despacito, Benicio del Toro and Roberto Clemente, Sonia Sotomayor and Rita Moreno. There’s a strong creative, musical, literary, and cultural spirit in Puerto Rico. Come and enjoy!