What makes a good donation?

We can use almost anything, from large items for the live auction, like vacation rentals and wine tastings to smaller items for baskets such as boxes of tea and bottles of local ale.

Turn in your donation by March 17th! Bring it to Central Committee Thursday the 12th!


We also love contributions of experiences such as guided hikes, massages or pedicures, or classes in pruning, cake decorating, dancing, ice cream making, knitting, beekeeping, bookkeeping, flower arranging, or frog juggling. Okay, maybe not the last.



If you are a PCP, your district leader may be hitting you up to contribute to a district basket, which is a terrific way to be involved; if you have something larger that could stand on its own, that is great too.


To keep us in compliance with election laws, all donations must have a completed Celsi Donation Form. If you fill it out online, please copy it first, then fill it out before printing it or attaching it to an email. Drop-off instructions are on the form.


If you have any questions, please reach out to me. I love to talk about donations.


Let’s raise some money!


Lisa Wilcke


(971) 645-5779