With the Celsi Celebration approaching, we wanted to touch base with you with regard to the recent developments in the ongoing COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak in Oregon.

We are looking forward to an exciting Celsi Celebration on March 21st and are taking sensible precautions to protect everyone’s safety and peace of mind. Information provided by the Multnomah County Health Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have indicated that the current risk of contracting the disease is low and we  intend to do our part to mitigate its spread. To that effect, we’ll have liberal quantities of hand sanitizer available for our attendees and we will coordinate with the Oregon Convention Center to ensure that it is conveniently located for all attendees.

On a larger scale, we want to remind everyone that our local, state, and Federal authorities and area businesses and nonprofits are working to keep people informed and reduce risk factors by providing good information and resources to people for avoiding illness. To stay updated on the outbreak, visit the Oregon Health Authority’s webpage, where you can opt-in for automatic updates. Another resource is the Multnomah County Health Department. The CDC’s webpage also offers a wealth of information on the topic. All of these provide helpful recommendations for minimizing the risk of contracting the virus. The Oregon Convention Center is also posting on their website with updated information. Finally, our own Senator Merkley has posted helpful information about COVID-19 online, including updates on Federal efforts to combat the virus, links in English and Spanish to information from the Oregon Health Authority and CDC, information on workers’ rights and employer resources for coronavirus prevention in the workplace, and outlines of the virus’s symptoms, risk factors, and prevention strategies.

On the lighter side of things, we’ve been working to get the word out about the party that’s coming up soon! On Friday, members of Portugal.The Man joined the Chair of the Celsi Celebration Planning Committee, Marc Koller, on KBOO to share what’s in store for the upcoming event. We’ll have additional interviews on XRAY FM, KINK, and KNRK to give everyone a sneak peek into the night’s festivities.

Please contact us if you have any questions about what we’re doing to make this the best Celsi ever so we can keep Oregon blue in 2020 and beyond.