This year’s Celsi Dinner (tickets here) includes a special fundraiser where guests can choose their own BREWVENTURE! They can select one unlabeled bag from among dozens containing craft beer or cider brewed right here in Multnomah County! Whatever is in the bag will be theirs to take home and enjoy. Each bag will be marked with its type or variety — dark beer, pale ale, sour, cider, etc.

We need your help to make BREWVENTURE successful by donating beer and cider from you, your PCPs, craft breweries, cider houses, and craft beer bars in your House District!

We’re on the hunt for beer and cider:

  • Crafted in Multnomah County, although craft beers/ciders from the region are fine, too
  • Entire six-packs or single, standard 12-oz. bottles or cans, which you or we can mix up to create six-packs
  • 22-oz. “bomber” bottles or “tallboy” cans
  • All types of beer, from stouts to lagers to sours to pale ales, or cider would be fantastic!

Want to up your district’s brew game? The following types of donations will make the donor’s BREWVENTURE even more enticing:

  • Limited, seasonal, or other special releases
  • Are brews that might have extra value (although, if they’re very rare & valuable, we might just offer them up for the silent auction!)
  • Gift certificates or donated, branded items (pint glass, growler container, apparel, etc.) from a beer or cider business in your district that we could pair with beer/cider.

What we’re not looking for:

  • Mass-produced beer/cider (Budweiser, Corona, and Angry Orchard) or craft beer/cider produced outside of Oregon (Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada, Elysian, and other PNW beers, etc.)
  • Filled growlers because the beer would lose its freshness between being donated and the event date.

For questions and to facilitate picking up donations, contact Christian Burgess (DL-49) to coordinate at or All donations must include this simple in-kind donation form.

Thanks for your time — and your hops! Let us know if you have any questions!

The Celsi Fundraising Team’s Malt Dems