Saturday, June 26th

Thank You For a Wonderful Night of Inspiration

(and a pretty good party, too!)


VIP Reception:  5:30 pm
Main Event:        6:30 pm

The Celsi Celebration is the single largest fundraiser for the Multnomah County Democrats and we want you to attend!
Since the last general election, we have had a dramatic increase in volunteer participation. Now we need your financial support to continue our progressive campaign here in Multnomah County. This fundraising event sustains us–and we can’t do it alone. When you attend or sponsor the Celsi Celebration, your money goes directly to fund our volunteer, grassroots efforts.

Online VIP Reception with special guests - 5:30

Celsi Main Event (The Big Tent Party) - 6:30

Awesome! What can I do?

Help the MultDems to paint the upcoming midterms deep blue. Support the progressive democratic agenda we have the ability to put in place during President Biden's first term in office.

Thank you to our event sponsors.

Download the Event Program [3.6MB PDF]
Our magical night would not be possible without your support.